Uproxx sings praise for Connor Ratliff's role on Orange Is The New Black

Andrew Husband of Uproxx is a fan of what Connor Ratliff and Adrienne C. Moore put on camera in the new 6th season of Orange Is The New Black. 

"What’s more, Moore and Ratliff’s work together excels. Ratliff, an Upright Citizens Brigade alum, is best known for his work on truTV’s improv-heavy comedy The Chris Gethard Show. Even so, he came to Orange with a mix of the two very different world’s distinct skill sets, thanks to some time spent in London and a growing list of credits that includes TBS’ Search Party and Mike Birbiglia’s dramedy Don’t Think Twice. As a result, he boasts a genuine ability to balance the script’s written words with a sense of light improv and playfulness that Moore, a theater veteran, appreciates.

“While we were waiting for camera set up, and other things like that, we would just talk and get to know each other,” Moore told Uproxx. “Every once in a while, I’d ask him if he wanted to run through the lines real quick and he’d be all for it. So we would read them once or twice, then we’d get back into our conversation. We never planned anything. We just wanted to make sure that we knew our lines, and he was very open. He was a very good actor to bounce and play off of.”

Ratliff, in turn, lauds Moore for her professionalism during and between takes, and her willingness to be just as playful.

“It felt like she was reacting to things that I was doing and I was reacting to things that she was doing,” he recalls. “We were both volleying things back and forth at, and being surprised by, each other. In a way, it distracts you from any tendency you might have to plan something too tightly. You can get caught up in little mannerisms that way, but with Adrienne, that never happened to us.” - Andrew Husband

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