Purva Bedi On The Power Of Empathy - Forbes

Purva Bedi has just been featured in an excellent article on Forbes magazine about the power of empathy, chasing her dream, and becoming an actress. Purva has been a part of coming-of-age play, Dance Nation at the Playwrights Horizons Theater in New York City.

“Even during summers I would find myself splitting my time,” shares Bedi. “The summer before my senior year, I did half a summer internship at Morgan Stanley and the other half in a theater company.” That was how she rolled. “I thought, fine. I’ll do the practical, good immigrant girl things and also keep my passions alive,” she explains. “My parents would not have a problem with my acting if I was keeping up my grades. So I was able to keep all those balls in the air.” - Purva Bedi

You can read the entire Forbes article here

Purva Bedi (pictured in far left) in  Dance Nation

Purva Bedi (pictured in far left) in Dance Nation