Brendan Dalton stars in Plano at The Clubbed Thumb

Brendan Dalton leads a new performance at the Clubbed Thumb (of The Wild Project), dubbed Plano. Written by Will Arbery and directed by Taylor Reynolds.

 "Tonight, and later, and earlier, three sisters (no, not those ones) are stricken with a series of strange plagues. Let’s talk about family nightmares. I mean, uh, memories.?"

As part of the 23rd Annual Summerworks, the play runs from June 20th - 30th (with no show on June 24th). 

Cast: Brendan Dalton, Crystal Finn, Susannah Flood, Ryan King, Cesar J. Rosado, Mary Shultz and Miriam Silverman.

Daniel Zimmerman (set design), Stephanie Levin (costume design), Isabella Byrd (lighting design), Mark Van Hare (sound design), Kelly Bartnik (choreography) and Kristy Bodall (production stage manager)

Tickets Available Here