Nick Rehberger stars in Shakespeare In Love

Nick Rehberger makes his starring Chicago debut at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, as the titular playwright, William Shakespeare. The play, based on the screenplay by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard, opened April 15th and runs until June 11th. The production is being directed by Rachel Rockwell.  Critics have been hailing the performances:

"Uniformly well-acted… a warm, enjoyable night at the theater." Chicago Tribune

"One of the finest plays seen on a Chicago stage this year!"

"Young playwright Will Shakespeare is stuck. He is overdue in finishing his latest play—a half-baked mess of a comedy called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter. He finds his muse in Viola de Lesseps, who is driven to do anything—even disguise herself as a man—to fulfill her dream of performing onstage, where no women are permitted. Surrounded by familiar players, including Queen Elizabeth herself, backstage antics collide with onstage dramas. Will and Viola’s passionate, forbidden love affair goes on to inspire Shakespeare’s masterpiece—the most romantic tragedy ever written."

Nick Rehberger  as William Shakespeare in Shakespeare In Love

Nick Rehberger as William Shakespeare in Shakespeare In Love