The Town Hall Affair

SirenSong Entertainment's Ari Fliakos stars in The Wooster Group's new production, The Town Hall Affair. 

"The Town Hall Affair delves into the revolutionary fervor of feminist thinking and art “happenings” in 1970s New York. The piece is based on the Hegedus & Pennebaker film Town Bloody Hall which documents a panel held at Town Hall in 1971. The panel featured feminist thinkers and activists – including Jacqueline Ceballos, Germaine Greer, Jill Johnston, and Diana Trilling – with Norman Mailer serving as moderator." - The Wooster Group

The production will run February 4th - 25th at The Performing Garage, located at 33 Wooster Street, Soho, Manhattan.

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Ari Fliakos (second from the right) rehearsing for The Town Hall Affair