About Katie Morrison

Katie Morrison, born Katie Middleton, is a New York based film and TV actress living in Brooklyn. Katie played Kate in the award winning independent feature film, Imagine I'm Beautiful written and produced by Naomi McDougall Jones and played Ellen in the award winning feature film Ovum. She can also be seen playing opposite Bronson Pinchot in the comedy feature film The Strike which premiered in 2016.

In 2016 Katie was cast in episode 405 "The Blacklist" on NBC and in 2015 she landed a guest start role played opposite Donny Duestsch in the opening scene of the first episode of "Donny!" which aired in the fall of 2015 on USA Network.

Katie started her life in the theatre at a very young age and after graduating from the BFA program at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida she moved to NEW York and focused solely on film and TV. Since moving to New York, Katie has filmed over 30 commercials for brands such as Visa, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Google, and Starbucks. Katie plays the lead in the thriller feature film, Unnerved, set to be distributed in 2017 and landed a guest star role in a new untitled show for Lifetime Movie Network, directed by Trey Nelson, and set to air in 2017.

The name situation: In late 2010 Katie Middleton took the advice of a friend and became Katie Morrison (her mother's maiden name) due to a certain Kate Middleton in England who happens to be a princess. She doesn't want there to be any confusion. She is not a princess.