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Holly voges

Manager: Donna DeStefano

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Holly Voges worked as a programmer and liaison for various film festivals: True/False, Sundance, Tribeca, Abu Dhabi and Rooftop Films. She has worked behind the camera in various roles, and has experimented with stop-motion animation and VR storytelling. Holly, along with her creative partner, has purchased the rights to the novel "The Changeling", by Joy Williams and are in the midst of adapting it for the screen. Her short film FELL is an adapted excerpt from the novel as well as her directorial debut. Originally from Missouri, Holly currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. CASUALTIES is her second short film.

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C a s u a l t i e s

CASUALTIES is the story of James, a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD. Haunted by the trauma of the past, he struggles to know what is real in the present, and what is necessary to protect those he loves most.

Written and directed by Holly Voges

Completed in February 2018

An official selection at the 2018 Brooklyn Film Festival


F e l l

FELL is based on one paragraph within Joy Williams' novel "The Changeling", but to me this small paragraph carries great weight. A woman discovers the pups her dog has birthed possess incomprehensible powers; they can change from animal to human form. Preferring the children over the dogs, she does what she believes will make it impossible for them to change back to their animal-selves. Only later, when it is too late, does she begin to understand the tenuous grasp she had over their magic. My intention in creating FELL is to illustrate and speak to the prevailing illusion throughout the human consciousness that the natural world exists for our interests alone. Like the fables of the past, this cautionary tale aims to entertain while illuminating aspects of the self and society that require reflection.

Directed by Holly Voges

Written by Lisa Joyce and Holly Voges

Watch Film Here - Film is password protected, please contact Donna DeStefano for more information including viewing options