Helen Cespedes Writing

GRIT (play & pilot)

When four young war brides (foreign women who married American GIs stationed abroad during WWII) from different theaters of WWII learn how to be doting American wives under the tutelage of a Kansas housewife, former enemies rely on each other as they try to navigate their new lives without losing themselves in translation.


StandBy  (Play)

While glamorous scenes unfold over the intercom, Vivian, Barbara, and Tom are understudies trapped in a cramped, airless dressing room. In the existential struggle between aspiration and reality, these three unlikely cellmates cool and combust in a theatrical purgatory, waiting for the call to go on. 


Double Stars (Short Play)

Against a backdrop of social, political, and philosophical revolution in late 1700s England, brother and sister astronomers William and Caroline Herschel closely orbited each other in their investigation of the cosmos, until the discovery of a new planet launched William into fame, inspiring Caroline to follow a star of her own.