About Chinara Stroman

Chinara Stroman is a recent graduate of Pace University's Film, Television, Voice Overs, and Commercial Acting program. Studying theater for most of her life in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA, Chinara decided to venture to New York City to peruse the opportunities that has helped shaped her into the developing actress she is today. She has learned an immense amount of information from the FTVC Program at Pace from classes such as Acting for Film led by teachers Brian Hastert, Tijuana Ricks, Sanjit DeSilva, Matthew Humphreys, and Zoey Martinson, Commercial Acting led by Kyle Coker and David Cady, Voice Over Training led by Jason Carvell, Roger Becker, and Dawn Manetta, and many other core classes. She had the opportunity to be the lead in fellow SirenSong talent Tijuana Ricks' short film Ashes (2018), and is excited for the future with SirenSong, and other endeavors that are to come her way.

Instagram/Twitter: @chinarastroman_