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Manager: Aaron Sandler

About Ben Wright Smith

Ben Wright Smith is a writer and director living in New York City, which is what he has always wanted to be since he was little. Single and loving it, Ben is the co-creator of “The Pioneers,” an award-winning and hilarious web series about a couple attempting an open relationship. Responsible for countless hours of Internet video in the form of series, short films, and sketch comedy, Ben is a competitive candidate for anyone looking for a drinking buddy. As a film and video professional, Ben has worked with such clients as IBM, Red Bull Music Academy, AirBnB, the NYC Mayor’s Office, Amazon, Microsoft, and Calvin Klein. Born and raised in Maine, Ben likes to head north for a while every summer and remind himself why he moved to the big city: to flee the terrifying quiet of night and the petrifying proximity to Stephen King. Ben recently completed a half-hour pilot script version of “The Pioneers” with his writing partner, Ted Day. Ben is very excited to be joining SirenSong Entertainment as a writer/director.